Wisdom & Compassion in Daily Life - The Course

  Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism
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Explore Buddhist Principles

What is the Buddhist view on life? And how can those principles benefit my well-being and happiness?

Learn about the mind; constructive and destructive emotions and the tools for cultivating spiritual development.


With an open mind, we listen to new ideas, advice, instructions without bias and take the opportunity to ask questions. Using a variety of learning methods, such as example meditations, practical exercises & visualisations, we learn about new perspectives that have the potential to improve wisdom & compassion in our lives.


The Buddha said that it is important to analyze and investigate what He has said and not to accept it out of mere reverence.

Here we reflect about what we have heard or read and using our own discerning to see if it is useful for us or not.


Learn techniques how to reflect and integrate advice into your daily life to improve your mental well-being. Follow suggested guided meditations lead by Mentor Jen

Check your experiences and be able to identify signs of progress in your reflection & meditation practices.

Compassion & Wisdom - Two Wings of the Bird of Enlightenment

Compassion or the mind that seeks enlightenment for the benefit of others and Wisdom, that cuts through confusion, are the two wings of the bird of Enlightenment

Use this uniquely Buddhist concept to improve your day to day mental well-being by training in compassion, empathy, love, patience while managing disturbing emotions such as anger, attachment and jealousy.

Three Steps to Integrate

Study. Contemplate. Meditate.

Meet our Teacher:


Rinchen Pal

Resident Teacher

Having completed 23 years of studies and successfully completing many examinations, Geshe-ma was awarded the title, 'Geshe-ma'; equal to a 'Professor'.

Geshe-ma received her monastic ordination from His Holiness the Dalai Lama when she was 18 years old and commenced her studies at Jamyang Choling Institute in Dharamsala, North India.

Geshe-ma is from a remote village in Zanskar Valley in Ladakh, located in far north India, and hopes to return there to support the local community in their Buddhist studies.

In conjunction with her online classes, Geshe-ma, hopes to visit Australia to commence face to face sessions from summer 2024.

profile photo of Geshe ma Rinchen Pal

Meet our translator & mentor:


Resident Translator & Mentor

Jen or Choekyi ordained as a Buddhist nun in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition in Sydney Australia in December 2004.

Shortly afterwards, Jen travelled to Dharamasala, North India, to study Tibetan language.

Jen stayed and studied at a varitey of schools & institutes until 2010 when she entered Jamyang Choling Institute and commenced there Geshe-ma study program.

Jen completed 4 years of the study program before moving back Australia, after having spent a total of almost 10 years in India.

Jen now lives with her family in the Southern Highlands in New South Wales, Australia and works on a variety of projects that work towards the benefits of others.

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Compassion & Wisdom in Daily Life is an on-going course.

Lectures will be uploaded and made available in a timely manner after the conclusion of the live sessions.

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