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Introducing Jen, a devoted stay-at-home mother of two, who has embarked on a journey to inspire and empower others through her life experiences. She is the visionary founder of the Samadhi Centre Contemplative Practice, an organization that promotes the integration of ancient wisdom, compassion, and wellness into everyday life.

In addition, Jen is the proud owner of Tibetan Emporium, an online store offering exquisite handcrafted products from India and Nepal. Her passion for Eastern culture and traditions led her to create a platform that not only supports local artisans but also spreads awareness about the richness of these cultures.

Jen's ultimate goal is to provide guidance and encouragement to individuals seeking to enrich their lives by embracing mindfulness and spirituality. Through her compassionate approach and authentic voice, she invites everyone to embark on a journey towards inner peace and harmony. Jen's life story is a testament to the transformative power of self-awareness and the limitless potential of the

human spirit.


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What to Expect from our Monthly Workshops

In a Tibetan Buddhist meditation workshop, you can expect a blend of theoretical teachings and practical meditation sessions. Here's what you might encounter:

  1. Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism: The workshop may begin with an overview of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, including key concepts such as impermanence, emptiness, compassion, and wisdom.
  2. Guidance on Meditation Techniques: You'll likely receive instruction on various meditation techniques commonly practiced in Tibetan Buddhism, such as mindfulness meditation (shamatha), loving-kindness meditation (metta), and analytical meditation (vipassana).
  3. Explanation of Visualization Practices: Tibetan Buddhism often incorporates elaborate visualization practices where practitioners imagine specific deities, symbols, or landscapes. You might learn about these visualizations and how to engage with them.
  4. Chanting and Mantra Recitation: Chanting and reciting mantras are integral parts of Tibetan Buddhist practice. You may learn traditional chants or mantras and their meanings, as well as their role in meditation.
  5. Discussion on Buddhist Philosophy: There might be opportunities for group discussions or Q&A sessions about Buddhist philosophy, the nature of mind, the concept of enlightenment, and how these teachings relate to daily life.
  6. Guided Meditation Sessions: The workshop will likely include guided meditation sessions led by an experienced teacher. These sessions may vary in length and focus, offering you the chance to explore different aspects of meditation practice.
  7. Practical Tips for Integration: You may receive guidance on how to integrate meditation practice into your daily life, including establishing a regular practice routine, dealing with common challenges, and cultivating mindfulness in everyday activities.
  8. Cultural Context: Depending on the workshop's format and setting, there may be opportunities to learn about the cultural and historical context of Tibetan Buddhism, including its rituals, art, and sacred texts.

Overall, attending a Tibetan Buddhist meditation workshop can provide you with valuable insights and techniques for deepening your meditation practice and understanding of Buddhist philosophy.


Samadhi Centre Contemplative Practices

Braemar's Samadhi Centre Contemplative Practices offers meditation classes, urban retreats, and workshops inspired by Tibetan Buddhism, led by Jennifer and Geshe-ma Rinchen Pal.

Established in August 2023, the centre aims to enhance personal and community well-being through profound insights and compassionate practices.

Workshops and classes follow a donation-based model, ensuring accessibility and sustainability while nurturing holistic well-being.

The curriculum, developed by Jennifer and Geshe-ma Rinchen Pal, caters to Western audiences, guiding participants from introductory to advanced levels in Buddha's Teachings with practical applicability.

Samadhi Centre's mission is to empower individuals with timeless wisdom, fostering enlightenment and holistic well-being in personal and communal spheres.

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Talks by Tibetan Buddhist nun, Geshe-ma Rinchen Pal

Compassion & Wisdom in Daily Life

A Structured Course: Using Buddhist Principles to Improve your daily life - translated by Jen

Jen - Tibetan/English translator, former nun, founder of Samadhi Centre & owner of Tibetan Emporium

Discover the ancient & sacred meanings behind Tibetan Buddhist Symbolism & learn basic Tibetan language with courses & mentoring offered by Jen

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Natural Therapies Expo & Festival

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Wellness & Weight Loss Programs

Body Reset Program - Metabolic Balance

Food Compatibility Hair Test Program

Body 'N' Mind At Ease

Hypnotherapy & Healing

This Clinic is focused on getting to the heart of dis-ease and unwanted behaviours, habits and reactions using safe and natural means to heal from the heart-mind.

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Mindful Writer's Journey

Your path to reflective & creative writing. Journey with Sharon to unlock your inner story.

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Brain Wise Learning

Monique is a learning coach who developed her Learnerobics™ program to improve the ability to learn. She combines an evidence-based neuroscience program with growth mindset coaching to improve language and cognitive skills and perseverance. Monique developed her mission after her son's learning challenges, where she learned about neuroscience and how to strengthen neural pathways for improved memory, attention, language, reading, and mindset. Since 2018, she has supported over 80 students to become more confident learners with her business Brain Wise Learning, with a vision to create a world where people can physically improve their learning challenges and learn whatever they want to fulfill their purpose in life.

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building & stupa in ladakh in Northern India

We reinvest 100% of our profits back into meaningful projects!

Where does your money go?

100% of profits made are reinvested into meaningful & worthy projects that distribute funds to causes such as our building project.

Our project is located in & around Padum Village, which is located in Zanskar Valley, Ladakh, India.

Community Projects -

What's Been Happening?

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Partnered with the online retail store, Tibetan Emporium, we were able to sponsor the nuns with some warm clothing & facilitated a generous donation of Himalayan rocket stoves.

About our Building Project

Located in Padum, Ladakh

All profits contribute to the following:

Building construction

Retreat/meditation facilities

Electricity & heating infrastructure

Driveway repair & maintenance

Nutrition & daily needs

Medical care & treatment

Temple & grounds maintenance

English & science education

Class resources

location map of Padum in Ladakh

Discover Ladakh

Visualize the setting where our building project is taking place. Visit our 'gallery' tab to discover more.

Who's working on the ground in Padum?

Meet the Committee

Geshe ma Rinchen Pal

Born in 1978 in Ladakh in the Zanskar region, Geshe ma left her family home with her Aunt to live in Bhutan at the age of 11.

In Bhutan, Geshe-ma stayed under her Aunt's care in a nunnery and attended classes and ritual pujas until she left with her Aunt and travelled to Dharamsala, India, in 1993.

Geshe ma entered Jamyang Choling Institute, located in Garoh Odder in lower Dharamsala and shortly afterwards, received the novice ordination from His Holiness the Dalai Lama when she was 18 years old.

Between 1993 until 2016, for a total of 23 years, Geshe-ma studied the traditional texts, tibetan grammar, English, and more recently, science.

Currently, Geshe-ma resides at Jamyang Choling Institute and her responsibilities include guiding younger nuns in their studies and undertaking Treasurer and administrative activities

Venerable Pema Pal

Ven. Pema Pal went to Bhutan as an attendant to a Namkhai Nyingpo Rinpoche and built a nunnery and many sacred objects under His guidence.

Ven. Pema Pal then stayed in retreat for 3 years until she was requested to be the nunnery's Principle under the advice of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. Having served as Principal for 34 years, overseeing the general welfare and studies of the nuns, she retired from the position.

In total, Venerable, lived in Bhutan for 44 years until she returned to her home village in Zanskar region, Ladakh, northern India.

Venerable Trinley Pal

Ven. Trinley Pal went to Bhutan at the age of 26 and is now 75 years old.

Ven. Trinley Pal served at the nunnery as the chant master more than 20 years and retired from the position in order to commence a 3 year 3 month retreat.

Once completed the 3 years and 3 month retreat, she decided to return to retreat and remained there until 2019 when she left to return to Zanskar with the wish to build a nunnery and contribute to the local community.

Venerable Kunsang Pam

Ven. Kunsang Pam went to Bhutan when she was 35 years old and is now 82 years old.

Ven. Kunsang Pam was the discipline master for 3 years and also completed 3 years 3 month solitary retreat. Venerable Kunsang Pam decided to continue doing retreat and rituals there until she left for Zanskar in Ladakh to assist in building the nunnery.

Venerable Tsering Bhum

Venerable Tsering Bhum became a nun at 9 years old and went to the nunnery in Bhutan at the age of 27 years.

Venerable served as an attendant, temple master and construction supervisor for period of 5 years. Afterwards, Venerable stayed in solitary retreat for some time and is now 58 years old. Venerable returned to the Zanskar region in northern India in 2019 with the vision to assist in building a nunnery and supporting the local community in their Buddhist studies.

Jen - Friend & Supporter

Aims to travel during the summer months to assist with building co-ordination

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Tibetan Emporium

Online Handicrafts Store

Interested in Tibetan Handicraft?

Explore our retail partner and discover handmade items including, Tibetan incense, Dharma accessories, mala prayer beads, clothing and much more!

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Donate to our building fund directly.

Thosamling Nunnery & Retreat Center

Stay & Study with our friends in Dharamsala, India! Click on the image to visit Thosamling's website

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